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safe, effective, on-the-go. for all devices.

removable dental/orthodontic devices – clear aligners, night guards, athletic mouth guards retainers, dentures of all kinds, sleep apnea apparatus and more – start building up bacteria the moment you put them in your mouth. not good.


they taste bad and smell awful. the result is bad breath and a device full of potentially harmful bacteria.


Smile Saver Spray™ is completely safe, effective, and very portable oral device cleaning spray. it offers convenience, ease of use, and does not require rinsing. it also provides up to a 99.9% kill rate of bacteria in 60 seconds* (fast) and tastes fantastic. Smile Saver Spray™ is sugar-free, alcohol-free, and contains no artificial ingredients. imagine that! all those great features in that little bottle. surprisingly refreshing.

*in laboratory studies

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