Peroxide-free cleaner for retainers, clear aligners, mouth guards & all oral devices.

Removable oral devices - clear aligners, mouth guards, dentures and retainers of any kind - accumulate bacteria the moment you put them in your mouth. Without a proper cleaning routine, they begin to taste bad and smell awful, causing bad breath and discomfort for those who wear them.

Enter Smile Saver­ Spray™, a completely safe and effective on-the-go cleaning spray for oral devices. Smile Saver offers convenience and ease of use because unlike other retainer cleaning sprays, it does not require rinsing. Just spray on your device and enjoy the great tasting formula which is sugar-free, alcohol-free and contains no artificial ingredients. 

Smile Saver works in just 60 seconds to provide a 99.9% kill rate of bacteria in laboratory studies. Imagine all these great features in such a tiny bottle that is surprisingly refreshing.

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