A burst of fresh & natural spearmint flavor packed with preventative oral care power in a convenient easy to carry spray bottle.


Smile Saver cleans clear aligners, mouth guards, retainers, night guards, dentures, and even toothbrushes.  It is the only fast-acting, on-the-go, great tasting oral device cleaning spray on the market today.


  • No Sugar
  • No Alcohol
  • No Peroxide
  • No Rinsing
  • No Brushing
  • No Spitting


There is now no reason to be wearing clear aligners or mouth guards that have foul odors, taste terrible, are ridden with potentially harmful bacteria and can cause bad breath. You have the convenience of Smile Saver while on-the-go, anytime or anyplace.  No rinsing required.


A single one ounce bottle of this spray gives you 30 days of preventative oral protection (when used as recommended).

Smile Saver™ - 6 pack

  • Soluria™ seeks to develop new technologies that are simple, convenient solutions for everyday health issues. Quality and customer satisfaction are the top priority for all Soluria™ brands.


    Smile Saver™ and Guard Heath™ sanitizing sprays are safe and effective for all removable oral devices. Sell by dates are three years from production and are printed clearly on the packaging. Products are safe for 12 months following package opening.


    All bottles sold on or before the sell by date are held to Soluria™ quality standards. Bottles contain 60-90 uses on average, depending on size. With normal usage, a bottle would be completely consumed within one month.


    Resellers are advised to confidently sell product up to the sell by date. Contact us at 844-SOLURIA with questions. We can advise you on techniques to manage sales and maintain fresh inventory.

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