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Dental Tradeshow Podcast - Ep. 79 Dennis Hanlon, CEO
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the vision for Soluria™ is to be a leader in developing innovative product technologies that provide simple solutions for good health in everyday life. we believe that it is not necessary to suffer through corrective teeth alignment procedures and the wearing of other devices to create and sustain your beautiful smile.

our initial product developments were targeted to all people who wear clear aligners such as Invisalign® and Smile Direct Club, but our products are also perfect for retainers, sports mouth guards, night guards, sleep apnea apparatus, anti-snoring devices, and dentures.

our current flagship product– Smile Saver Spray™ – is a convenient, on-the-go, and health conscious cleansing and freshening spray that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria in just 60 seconds.*   


independent laboratories prove it. all this with no sugar, alcohol, peroxide and no artificial ingredients. device bacteria is linked to bad taste, odor, and bad breath. now device wearers can have confidence in their smile while going through clear aligner treatment since these problems are eliminated.

*in laboratory studies

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dennis loves to talk to customers and hear what everyone has to say about Soluria™ and its product technology. don't hesitate to add him on facebook or linkedin and reach out directly. just don't tell him we made it this easy to get in touch! 

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made in the usa.

we're proud of manufacturing in the usa.

provided by Xlear, inc. under contract in its FDA and ISO certified facility.

Xlear is a highly qualified formulator of xylitol products. xylitol is the natural sweetener in Soluria™ sanitizing sprays. The dental community is a strong proponent of the use of xylitol products.

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