Smile Saver Spray

Safe and effective spray cleaner for retainers, clear aligners, and all other removable oral devices. Easy & convenient, just spray and go!

eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria in just 60 seconds*. stops odors. tastes great; no rinsing required!

sweetened with xylitol

*in laboratory studies

a favorite natural sweetener of the dental community.

perfect for cleansing all devices.

mouth guards

clear aligners & night guards


removable dentures

sleep disorder devices

Remove your device, spray thoroughly, wait a moment and reinsert. It's that simple!

healthy, convenient, tasty, and effective.

no brushing, rinsing,

spitting, or soaking

Smile Saver Spray™ is a  truly on-the-go product. use it anytime, anyplace. don't get caught up with tugging around more than you need.

helps eliminate bacteria in just 60 seconds* 

it really doesn't get any simpler does it? take out your aligner, spray it, wait 60 seconds, and reinsert for a clean and odor free device. hooray! *in laboratory studies

no peroxide, sugar, alcohol, or warnings

we live in a health conscious world and there's just no more room for nasty chemicals or scary warning labels. we don't believe in using harmful or artificial ingredients.

completely safe

and tastes amazing

we use a food grade principal ingredient with an awesome natural sweetener called xylitol. we also use a host of natural flavors to bring out that fresh spearmint blast!

what does milli think?

spoiler alert: she loves Smile Saver Spray

the chatterbox.

real users, real results.

dr. denzel trusts

Smile Saver Spray™.


for your smile journey. 

treatment compliance is the key to your perfect smile.

straightening and maintaining your teeth can be a long and expensive process.

don't let bad odor or foul tastes prevent you from staying on course. keep your aligners and other devices clean and free from bacteria with Smile Saver Spray™.

anytime. anywhere. as often as you desire.

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